Credit Card Billing Questions

[This page is for archival reference. Gracion is no longer a direct credit card merchant (thanks to the App Store). ]

Wondering why "Gracion Software" appeared on your credit card statement?

We take online orders for our software products for the Macintosh, such as DigiTunnel VPN client ($58) and Pronto Patent ($29). Orders are filled by emailing a serial number. Hopefully, you are happily using our software. However, despite our best efforts to avoid them, once in a while there is a fraudulent charge.

If there was an unauthorized charge to Gracion or you have any question about a charge, please contact us via our web form. We'll do our best to resolve any problem, and if appropriate, reverse the change.

Of course, if you believe your card or information has been compromised, you should contact your card issuer.

We continue to work to keep your information secure and avoid fraud by following best practices for credit card merchants, as advised by the major credit card companies.